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If competencies really worked, we should see numerous examples of increased productivity and profitability as any given sales force becomes more and more competent.

Beware of Data Mania

To understand how good your sales organization is--or in some cases, how bad it is--you must first know what data are crucial to make that evaluation.

No Magic Talent

People accomplish their day-to-day tasks through a configuration of talents.

Global Tensions and Your Sales Force

Will growing differences between America and Europe have an impact on your reps' ability to sell?

War Talk

How to handle discussing touchy political topics in a business setting.

What Top Salespeople Do Differently

Superstars adopt a selling style that takes full advantage of their greatest talents.

Morale Stinks!

But before you can improve it, you must first understand the key elements that foster--or ruin--morale.

You're Wasting Your Time

It's simply good business sense to make your largest investment in those areas where you stand to gain your biggest return.

Scrap Your Performance Appraisal System

Want to improve your sales organization fast? Consider ripping up your annual performance appraisal system. Hold work planning and review sessions with their employees rather than annual performance reviews.

The Truth About Turnover

Many sales executives boast about their managerial excellence, citing low turnover as proof. Sure, a high employee-retention rate can be evidence of a manager's ability to foster a great and productive workplace. But those turnover numbers also might suggest the opposite-a culture of entitlement, one that fails to challenge employees, or one that simply does not demand excellence.

Hiring Talent

How to recruit more top performers

Building A World-Class Salesforce

Many leading organizations have launched efforts to achieve "world-class sales." But what exactly does it mean to have a world-class sales organization?

Creating a Successful Sales Culture

Your front-line managers can drive sales -- or drive away your best salespeople

Building A World-Class Salesforce

Measuring three key factors is just the starting point.