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Understanding e-Forms

As business and government push to streamline operations by getting their forms online, accepted standards and new technologies both offer help.

Book Review: Selling 2.0--Motivating Customers in the New Economy

In his book, Selling 2.0-Motivating Customers in the New Economy veteran salesman Josh Gordon says abandon pitch-and-close selling in favor of motivating the customer to buy.

Working in the Field: Then and Now

During the past two decades, Peggy Menconi has seen a lot of changes in the field force arena. Topping that list are the roles and responsibilities of the people working in the field. Menconi, an analyst at AMR Research in Boston, began her career as a field service technician in the Navy.

Is Big Brother Watching Your Service Reps?

Global positioning technology can make your service staff more responsive to customers, but it can also freak out your mobile workforce.

Building a Business Solution With GPS

Using a three-tiered GPS strategy, BellSouth is more accurately tracking and dispatching field techs. Customer satisfaction has increased because of the company's ability to gain one more assignment, or 30 minutes a day, per technician.

How important is the integration of customer communication channels to customer management?

If L&M Technologies' DataPulse DB Engine doesn't prove to be 100 times faster than the challenger's system, it will give the winner $100,000.