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Partner Relationship Management

Unveiling its latest product offerings at a major conference in Las Vegas earlier this summer, enterprise software supplier PeopleSoft seemed to have a convincing customer management story. The operational functionality it inherited from its acquisition of Vantive has been fleshed out, strengthening its hand in its long-running battle with the likes of Siebel, Oracle and SAP.

Putting a Price Tag on Midmarket CRM Deployment

Comparison-shopping for a midmarket CRM solution can be perplexing when each vendor uses a different pricing model to figure its fees.

Will Supply Chain or Finance Drive Your CRM?

As the data-driven supply chain opens doors and your financial director thinks strategy, your company must decide which will guide your CRM initiative.

Research Reveals Reasons for Lost Loyalty

A poor understanding of what drives customer loyalty, coupled with a failure to monitor retention rates, is resulting in businesses losing excessive numbers of customers and employees.