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UK Perspective: Microsoft's Rocky Road to e-Government Success

Microsoft is betting that its much-hyped UK Government Gateway portal project will live up to expectations

The UK's Web of Fear

The British government may be overstepping its bounds with its proposed RIP Bill, which allows full government access to encrypted data on the Web.

Delivering on Your Customer's Every Whim

TBC Research Chief Executive Jyoti Banerjee discusses the shortcoming of databases in being able to deliver on one-to-one marketing.

From Real Time to Zero Time

TBC Research chief executive Jyoti Banerjee sees time-based competition as the next driver of the new economy.

Outsourcing to Create Digital Capital

Jyoti Banerjee reviews the concepts presented in a recent book by Don Tapscott, David Ticoll and Alex Lowy called Digital Capital.

The Customer Profitability Minefield

Despite its importance in CRM, customer profitability has always been a challenge for software applications to analyze because of the many unexpected external factors that are introduced by individual customer behavior.