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Part Six: Putting it All Together

This final installment in the six-part CRM Strategy series deals with execution of a CRM strategy.

Part Five: Getting a Handle on Customer Metrics

Nowhere in the CRM community is there more contradiction and confusion than in customer metrics. People either espouse customer metrics as the holy grail of CRM or they label them a waste of time. But the basics are simple--your ability to use customer-centered metrics to mange your business will depend largely on what business you are in and the relative importance of sustained customer relationships.

Part Four: Long-Term Effectiveness vs. Short-Term Value

Do you invest in infrastructure and employee training to boost long-term effectiveness, or do you cut staff to make your numbers this quarter? Unfortunately, the CRM community has fallen into this either/or trap.

Part Three: The Critical Leadership Component

If there is a single critical component in all successful transitions, it is found in the executive suite. In my years working with companies struggling with customer management, I have found visionary, courageous and skillful leadership to be the single most reliable predictor of potential success.

Part Two: Migrating to a Customer-Centric Model

This month's installment provides a framework for measuring capability in the core disciplines needed to operate a customer-centered enterprise.

Part One: Integrating Customers into Enterprise Strategy

In this first installment of my six-part series on integrating customers into enterprise strategy, I will set a context for the role of strategy and a framework for what it means to integrate customers. Future articles will discuss the role of leadership and the core disciplines needed to engineer a truly customer-centric enterprise. As a place to start, let's look at how companies keep score--and the unfortunate way that most respond to a bad report card.