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The 2006 Elite

Satisfied customers, soaring returns on investment, cool runnings of both back- and front-end office processes--meet the CRM-enabled companies that planned implementations the way they should be done.

Hosted or Housed?

The decision to implement one or the other CRM-solution model is a complicated one--here, a rundown of significant financial aspects to consider.

What Are Your Marketers Worth?

Salaries and bonuses rebound in a seller's market.

12 Tips for Generating Rich Data

Here, a guide to uncovering the bounty buried in your data warehouse.

Advice From the Trenches: Better Service Equals Increased Revenues

Sara Lee used VisionWare's Tele-Scope to improve service, because it addressed all the baked-goods company's needs--it tracks and routes calls, triggers automatic paging, and provides a centralized database that can be sliced and diced into call categories.

Recipe for Success

Start with a dash of one-to-one instruction. Add a pinch of online training. Sprinkle with the facts from a knowledge base. Cook at a moderate level, stirring occasionally, and voila, the right blend of face-to-face training and e-learning technologies makes a deliciously winning combination.