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Implement CRM or Become Customer-Centric?

Companies face a choice.

Don't Blame CRM

Managers shouldn't expect success if users haven't been sold on CRM.

Tell 'Em Like It Ain't

The art of artifice in CRM.

Getting to 'Duh!'

CRM best practices have been hiding in plain view.

Will We Ever Learn?

Attempts to link CRM to September 11 show a terrifying lack of understanding of how and why CRM works

Will We Ever Learn?

Attempts to link CRM to September 11 show a terrifying lack of understanding of how and why CRM works.

Running Out of Gas?

As more customers embrace a new generation of CRM applications, some old standbys face uncertain futures.

Advertising Claims to the Contrary...

The CRM software field is expanding, not contracting.

How effective is self-service as a delivery vehicle?

The biggest impediment to CRM in a bad economy isn't the budget.

Someone Forgot to Ask the Customers

Industry experts and analysts are trying to predict the future of CRM without customer input.

Great Expectations

Customer satisfaction data on CRM software is in, and no one is smiling.

CRM Comes From the Heart

Only companies with good intentions toward customers can successfully practice CRM.


Fishin' for ideas on a Minnesota lake.

Is CRM Technology Getting Ahead of Itself?

CRM solutions providers are caught in a potentially deadly game wherein gaining recognition for innovative technologies has become more important than providing a solid product.

The Ding-Dong Bell Curve

Product life cycles morph into "promotion" life cycles in CRM-land.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Tell me... who blew it this time?

Web Feature: Wireless or "Wire Loose?"

Columnist Dick Lee asks the question, "Is wireless promotion deceptive...or just delusional?"

Why Do the Wings Keep Falling Off?

Through a painful series of aborted CRM projects we've learned that CRM will only fly if the whole company flies with it.

Fruit Logic and the 80 Percent Success Factor

The apples in a barrel of mixed fruit are good, therefore the whole barrel is good. Say what?

History Repeats Itself

To move forward, often we must look back. Here's a look back, CRM-style.

It's the People, Stupid!

Whether the technology likes it or not, it's time to remind ourselves who is at the center of CRM

The Consulting Trap

Is the potential high cost of using consultants worth it?

Playing the Name Game

SFA begat CRM, which begat eCRM, which begat XRM...gimme a break.

Scorched Earth Selling

You ought to expect the same kind of customer-centric selling from your software supplier that you hope to provide to your own market.

Passing of the Guard

As CRM struggles to become a real, grown-up corporate discipline, a new breed of specialists replaces the pioneers.

Selling CRM to Your CEO

Reluctant senior executives may need some convincing before they'll take the leap to CRM.

CRM as a Sequential Four-Step Process

Dick Lee defines CRM as a sequential four-step process, supported--but not driven--by technology.

Redefining CRM

Separating software from process, CRM emerges as a customer-centric sea change for companies.

IT Adapts to a Customer-Driven World

Forward-looking IT departments are taking advantage of CRM and the emerging power of customers to gain even more importance--and to become stronger leaders than ever before. No one had ever suspected IT could be so adaptable.

Is IT's Reign at an End?

CRM forces information technology departments to reevaluate their place in the organization.


Is CRM technology ready to support the new sales/marketing discipline?


The battle lines are drawn, and the CRM camp is seeking allies.