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The KM Balancing Act

With the right technology, organizing and utilizing a company's knowledge shouldn't be a big deal, should it? But why then--regardless of the multitudes of cash dropped for high-tech solutions--do knowledge management initiatives fail?

The KM Culture Factor

There's no question that KM is finally being accepted, understood and implemented, but technology seems to be at the forefront of these initiatives. And in the feeding frenzy to boast the latest and greatest in hopes of gaining competitive advantage, certain fundamental KM elements fall by the wayside.

Taking Advantage of Your Assets

After spending thousands of dollars on marketing to lure potential customers onto your Web site, you see your site hits skyrocket but no movement in sales or customer acquisition. Strange? Not really. The problem is that once these people take the bait and click through to view a site, that's often when the process breaks down. EXP and its innovative- -and eerily logical- -Knowledge Exchange are setting out to change that.