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The Quest for Customer Centricity completely revamped their customer service means and methods to help ensure their competitiveness. Here's how they did it, and some additional hints on building your CRM strategy.

Can Multichannel Retailers Get It Right This Holiday Season?

New technologies and practices, including multichannel sales, are helping retailers achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction this holiday season. But they still may have far to go.

The Quest for Customer Centricity--Part II

Achieving customer focus is a matter of identifying customer needs--and re-evaluating how you meet those needs.

Present Perfect?

After several holiday online shopping seasons that could only leave the Grinch smiling, e-tailers are finally getting serious about improving customer service.

The Quest for Customer Centricity

The steps to achieving customer focus--and increasing retention and satisfaction rates--are not as difficult as you may think.

CRM Vendors: The Winners and the Losers

Three industry experts--Michael Maoz of Gartner Group, Chris Selland of Yankee Group and Liz Shahnam of META Group--discuss the year that was and the year to come.

Who's Hot and Who's Not?

Experts reflect on the year that was and prognosticate about the one to come.

The SCORE Methodology Measures Your CRM Implementation

A look at North Highland's assessment methodology, SCORE.And how it can evaluate the effectiveness of your CRM implementation.

Brain Food

Five research reports that will help you make more intelligent CRM decisions.

So, How Are We Doing?

Evaluate the effectiveness of your CRM implementation with North Highland's assessment methodology, SCORE.

Hosted CRM: The Picture Brightens

A look at the brightening prospects for the hosted CRM model.

I am looking for an outsourcing partner. Should I consider an offshore option?

Two companies share their experiences in choosing ASPs.

I am looking for an outsourcing partner. Should I consider an offshore option?

Despite some initial misgivings, pundits are becoming more optimistic about the ASP model for CRM applications.

Postmortem on a Troubled Implementation

Q&A with an Oracle customer whose implementation went haywire from the word go.

Q&A with a CCO

Interview with's Chief Customer Officer Lynn Wright on the creation of the CCO position and its impact of the company's customer relationships.

Hard Lessons

This company learned the hard way that when it comes to implementing CRM, it's easier to make promises than to keep them.

Change Happens: Manage the Customer Lifecycle

Business in the virtual world presents both challenges and opportunities to companies seeking to understand and manage relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. Meta Group's four-stage model provides a roadmap for leading-edge companies.

Siebel Sets the Pace for CRM Horserace

After early challengers faded, Siebel is the clear leader among CRM software suppliers. Many others are vying for the Number 2 position, but Oracle is emerging as the number-one contender.

Profiling a Chief Customer Officer

The emerging position of chief customer officer places a new focus on putting the customer first.

Cash in on Customer Lifecycle Management

Traditional retailers and Web start-ups alike are using CRM tools to keep customers for the long term.

Jockeying for Positions

Siebel likes bein number one and Oracle lays clim to the number two spot.

Something About Mary

What does CEO Mary Coleman's departure mean for ERP-cum-CRM vendor Baan? Hint: It ain't good news.

What's In It For Me?

Will SFA bolster or bust your career?

Integration Sleight of Hand

There's nothing magical about picking the right systems integrator- but it can be a bit of a juggling act.

MidMarket CRM: Leveling the Paying Field

Midsize companies are turning to sales automation to help them compete, and that's driving a boom in software designed for the mid tier.