5 Email Subject Lines Sales Prospects Simply Can’t Ignore

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It’s now a digital world, and we’re all figuring out the best way to live and work in it. Everything is happening on email—so convenient, right? But with every seller reaching out to their prospects this way, it’s getting trickier to break through the noise and, ultimately, get a response.

And there isn’t a single sales rep out there who can’t relate to spending countless hours crafting the perfect message, only for it to be ignored and discarded.

Recent data from a Dooly research report shows that 77 percent of sales reps are working more hours than before the pandemic. Sales reps need to protect and conserve their valuable time for the activities that will yield the highest value.

How can they achieve this? Enter the follow-up email.    

The follow-up email can be one of the most challenging aspects of sales, but it can also be a seller’s secret weapon and can be used as a quick, simple way to catch your prospects’ attention. Here are five follow-up subject lines your sales prospects simply can’t ignore:

1. “I thought about what you said.”

This empathy-centered subject line is very likely to be opened and, depending on what’s in the body, is likely to get a response. When considering what to include, make sure you reference actual feedback from the prospect and never attempt to put words in their mouth.

2. “I forgot to mention”

Show your human side. This subject line piques people’s natural curiosity and shows prospects there’s a real live person behind your emails, a person who might make mistakes and have more to offer them. If you use this one, just remember: be sure you actually have something new to share.

3. “I have an idea.”

A personal favorite, this subject line is an attention grabber. It’s a bold move. If you decide to use a show-stopper like this one, don’t forget: the rest of your email has to live up to the subject! Go big or go home.

4. “Can you help me with this?”

This subject line works because people want to be helpful and because there is a clear and direct ask. Just make sure that you have a genuine question to ask or opinion to share - using this subject line without something relevant in the body is likely to backfire.

5. “Signing off.”

When all else fails, it’s time for the Hail Mary. Be warned, this subject line should be used only when you’re willing to “break up” with your prospects. Make your case, and be prepared to move as needed.

The pandemic has caused unprecedented shifts in the way we work and interact. We’re all now being asked to do more with less time and, to make it all happen, we have to work smarter, not harder. What’s more, the digital sales revolution has made it significantly harder to get noticed in an email inbox that’s flooded with offers your prospects don’t care about. How are they supposed to know that your product or service is what they need? While there are no guarantees in life, and especially not in sales, utilizing creative subject lines is the best way to get eyes on your emails and, hopefully, secure the win.

Michelle Pietsch is the vice president of revenue at Dooly, the rapidly scaling connected workspace pioneer. She has a demonstrated history of building, scaling, and developing sales teams for fast-paced growing startups. 

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