3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Elevate Your Customers' Experience

Maintaining strong relationships with customers, not to mention delighting them, is a crucial part of your business' success, particularly in hypercompetitive service industries. In theory, you know you need to deliver great service to keep and grow your customer base. But in practice, you probably don't achieve the high level of customer experience you desire due to any number of factors, ranging from personnel issues to complicated processes to lack of visibility into your customers' experiences.

This is where technology—particularly the powerful combination of smartphones and mobile apps—can help. Mobile workforce management solutions that integrate location-based services, proof of service, signature capture, and photo capabilities all improve customer service. Examples of this include being able to optimize deliveries and pick-ups, get real-time insight into your employees' progress and the jobs they have completed, and instantly answer any questions customers may have.

Following are three ways mobile apps can help elevate your customers' experience:

1. Mobile apps optimize service delivery. Many businesses struggle to provide a precise time that a delivery person or service technician will arrive at a scheduled destination, often leaving customers frustrated, waiting, and wondering. With a mobile workforce management solution, mobile employees are equipped with GPS-enabled smartphones. Through mobile apps and a centralized dashboard, managers and customer service representatives can instantly see the location of each mobile worker and proactively communicate with customers about the precise time at which they can expect the company representative to arrive.

Goodwill of Northwest North Carolina has been leveraging a mobile app to coordinate the drivers in its fleet of 12 vehicles, who are responsible for moving home and commercial donations to distribution centers. By arming drivers with smartphones and leveraging location-based services, Goodwill managers can alert the drivers closest to donation locations to ensure faster pick-ups.

2. Mobile apps improve customer service. When a customer calls with questions about services your company has promised to perform, or to ask why your employee hasn't arrived yet, mobile workforce management solutions can help. With GPS on employees' smartphones, managers can gain real-time visibility into each employee's location and where they have been throughout the day. Additionally, mobile workforce management solutions give managers the ability to push new job information directly to mobile workers as a way to reallocate resources and better serve customers.

Location-based services also let you know when your employees reach their job sites (or how far away they are) and alert you to their next scheduled assignment. This clear visibility into daily assignments is one of the main reasons businesses deploy mobile workforce 

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