• January 16, 2014

Intelliverse Adds Dynamic List Functionality to IntelliConnection Sales Automation

Intelliverse, a provider of cloud communications applications, has added dynamic lists functionality to its IntelliConnection enterprise sales automation application. Dynamic lists allow users to create and save searches for any business situation ranging from new leads from an online marketing campaign to prospects not contacted in the past six months.

IntelliConnection's new functionality allows a search to be created once and reused at any time to pull the most current or relevant matches. The saved searches can also be created by CRM administrators or sales managers and shared with an entire sales team. Each salesperson can then use these searches to pull specific and targeted leads.

"The dynamic list functionality is another example of how we are helping our customers improve their sales results," said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse, in a statement. "We are enabling salespeople to create a laser-focused prospect list that doesn't require wasting valuable time writing queries and constructing lists. It's like having a professional sales coach sitting on every call with every salesperson."

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