• November 15, 2013

Silverpop Launches Mobile Connector

Silverpop, a provider of digital marketing software, today launched Mobile Connector, extending the Silverpop platform to companies' mobile applications.

With Mobile Connector, marketers will be able to tap into the mobile app ecosystem through personalized in-app interactions.

The Mobile Connector instantly passes user behaviors between mobile apps and Silverpop, allowing marketers to deliver consistent messages and individualized offers to app users as they reveal more about their interests and preferences over time and to ensure these data points are synced with other digital communication channels.

The Mobile Connector lets users do the following:

  • Personalize the app experience in real time based on cross-channel data;
  • Seamlessly integrate app behaviors, such as  installing or opening an app, completing or abandoning a goal, adding profile data, or reaching a certain level in a game, with other marketing channels;
  • Track customer loyalty, reveal personalized in-app rewards and encourage app-engagement through multiple channels;
  • Track anonymous and known visitors, allowing app behaviors to be available for segmentation and targeting, automated email or SMS follow-ups, program entries, and contact scoring; and
  • Dynamically generate links in emails and SMS notifications that automatically open in the app, allowing a specific URL to quickly re-direct users back to a precise step in an app experience or to an abandoned cart.

"Marketers can now increase loyal usage of the apps via targeted promotions and also tie mobile app activity back into the Silverpop platform so those behaviors can inform all other marketing communications. This creates yet another opportunity for marketers to interact with their customers as individuals, when and where they want to be reached in a way that ensures an incredibly cohesive and positive brand experience," said Bryan Brown, vice president of product strategy at Silverpop, in a statement. "Imagine the power in using Silverpop to score a group of app users based on either frequency of usage or points earned in a gamification scenario and then delivering personalized in-app content that reflects their individual scores or levels,. This creates an experience that lets your customers know that you understand them as individuals, and they will be more loyal in return." 

Mobile Connector adds to the growing number of offerings available as part of Silverpop's Universal Behaviors. Universal Behaviors gives marketers access to a live stream of real-time behaviors that they can understand and instantly integrate into individualized campaigns. It is made possible through a unique framework that stores and processes large volumes of data as individual interactions. Dynamic buyer behaviors can then immediately be transformed into highly personalized actions.

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