• November 14, 2013

Zurmo Adds Collaboration and Gamification in Zurmo CRM 2.5

Developers of the Zurmo open-source CRM application today released Zurmo 2.5, which adds project management and deep gamification elements, such as the integration of tangible rewards, into the system.

Project Management is now fully integrated with Zurmo CRM. The new feature is designed especially for cross-functional collaboration between marketing, sales, and customer support to assign common tasks and receive shared notifications.

Kanban Visualization continues to be employed in the application, which in the case of Projects allows users to intuitively drag and drop project items in a logical progression.

Additional Gamification functionality in Zurmo further facilitates engagement and user adoption, leads users to discover different areas of the application, and now brings in the added element of tangible rewards, such as gift cards, determined and awarded at the individual company level.

Zurmo 2.5 also integrates voice over IP (VoIP) functionality directly within the application. This allows users to call leads and contacts with a single click of a button. A call log is automatically created for real metrics and reporting.

With the release of Zurmo 2.5, commercial customers also have access to Lead Queues, which provide automatic distribution of leads. Sales managers can use Zurmo to set rules such as Round Robin, which equalize assignments, or Leads up for Grab, which foster a faster, more cut-throat sales process.;

An all inclusive Professional Edition is available for $32 per month per user.

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