• September 10, 2013

Parallel 6 Releases Captive Reach 3.0 Digital Marketing Solutions

Parallel 6, a multichannel mobile technology company and creator of the mobile enterprise platform Captive Reach, has released Image Recognition 3.0. The updates made to the technology include advancements to mobile solutions that are in high demand for marketers in the retail space.

As of 2014, 12 percent of consumers are predicted to be using image recognition.

Parallel 6 Chief Technology Officer Landis White predicts that within the next three years, every large retail store will interact with customers using image recognition. "The new customer shopping experience will extend to pre, in-store, and post-product use. Tools like image recognition allow marketers to know what customers looked at, for how long, at what location, and how often before purchasing. Essentially, marketers will be able to manage the entire lifecycle of a product," he said in a statement.

In addition, Image Recognition 3.0 can monetize space that didn't previously exist for retailers. Image recognition provides a shopping experience that gathers analytics and insights that can't be retained by sales associates. Incorporating image recognition into retailers' marketing strategies is also supported by research that shows 70 percent of iPhone owners use apps on their mobile browser for in-store help. Furthermore, the value of mobile commerce transactions is expected to top $3.2 trillion by 2017.

"Imagine being able to scan a product, quickly getting size and color options, warranty information, video demos, and product set-up instructions, and then being able to purchase the product immediately. In a matter of minutes, customers will have an interactive shopping experience without the need for a sales associate. Image recognition utilizes already-created digital resources to provide helpful tools for customers who are making purchasing decisions. It's a feature that customers will rely on and a feature that retailers will realize increases revenue," White said.

With Captive Reach, marketers are able to leverage image recognition for marketing campaigns while also using a platform that has various modules. Captive Reach provides features that include geolocation, push notifications, augmented reality, mCommerce, mobile CMS, gamification, and insights and analytics.

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