• August 15, 2013

Enacomm Unveils 4Cast, CRM Application to Predict Future Customer Behavior

Enacomm, a provider of voice processing infrastructure, applications, and services, today unveiled 4Cast, a CRM application that analyzes past and current user data to predict a customer's future behavior.

Enacomm's 4cast is a template for the creation of a dynamic decisioning solution, which is a highly scalable enterprise-wide policy management plan that improves the customer experience across all channels. It optimizes and adapts to changing customer dynamics in real time at the point of interaction, regardless of where and how that interaction takes place.

"Customers are the most essential component of nearly every business," said Michael Boukadakis, founder and CEO of Enacomm, in a statement. "Enacomm makes it possible toknow your customers better than they know themselves so their interests can be anticipated, making it easier to market to them and serve them before they ask. Implementing 4Cast means customers enjoy a unique, personalized experience, every time. They feel like they're being taken care of…special."

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