• August 5, 2013

PowerObjects Releases Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lead Scoring Add-on

PowerObjects, a professional services firm focused on providing service, support, education, and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has just released a new add-on, PowerScore. This Microsoft Dynamics CRM lead scoring tool allows users to define criteria using lead and contact behavior that automatically scores leads and contacts. PowerScore is one of several Dynamics CRM add-ons in the PowerPack suite that the company offers.

PowerScore takes a lead or a contact's behavior,such as filling out Web forms, clicking on links in a bulk email, or visiting pages on a Web site, and calculates that behavior into a score. This score can be used as a quick reference as to how engaged the lead or the contact is.

"This tool is intended to give you a snapshot of which contacts and leads have the most interaction with your organization so that you can focus on those that are highly engaged," said Cecilie Svensgaard, manager of PowerObjects' suite of add-ons, in a statement. "It's a great way to filter out the hot from the cold so you can put more effort into the leads that are more likely to respond."

PowerScore will also allow users to see each lead or contact's score and how those scores were determined.

"What makes PowerScore stand out from other lead scoring engines is that you determine what criteria to score so you can tailor it to your unique sales process," Svensgaard added. "In addition, you can take into account lead aging so that you can score based on how long a lead has been in your system. No one else is combining these key factors into one CRM lead scoring solution."

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