• May 31, 2013

8thBridge Updates Its Social Commerce Platform

8thBridge yesterday released an update to its social commerce platform, 8thBridge Graphite. Graphite 3 unlocks the value within social graph data and provides brands an entirely new way to connect with and understand people.

Brands can now be much more relevant to their customers by linking a customer's social identity with an explicit understanding of their product interests with Graphite 3.

Graphite 3 provides marketers with the following core capabilities:

  • Snapshots: One of the first things marketers do when they start using Graphite is to get introduced to their future and existing customers with Snapshot. For some marketers, this is the first time she has been properly introduced to the people they want to buy her products. Snapshots give her a rich portrait of a customer, including a Facebook profile photo, interests, product tastes, and key metrics about their influence, expertise, and enthusiasm for the brand.
  • Crowds: Crowds organizes people using sophisticated data science and marketing intuition. It identifies groups of people based on an understanding of how a marketer would likely want to communicate with them given her marketing goals. Marketers can refine their Crowds based on any number of dimensions and metrics or they can create their own customized Crowds from scratch. A marketer's fundamental goals can often be boiled down into three things: to acquire new customers, grow their business with existing customers, and retain existing customers.
  • Campaigns: Graphite makes it easy to create communications and share them with Crowds either directly or by triggering marketing systems such as email marketing and advertising campaigns.

"Graphite 3 lets brands see their customers as people instead of just consumers for their products, because people are more than what they buy," said Wade Gerten, founder and CEO of 8thBridge, in a statement.

Graphite 3 is available today in beta for existing 8thBridge clients and it will be available to new clients this summer.

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