• March 18, 2013

Call Center Corp Introduces AnswerClick

The Call Center Corp. has introduced AnswerClick powered by Coginov, a call center technology that combines the simplicity of a knowledgebase with the power of a semantics database and inference engine. Built on top of the CoginovAPI, the solution allows clients and end-users to ask questions in natural language to a virtual call center agent directly on a company's Web site and receive pre-determined, guided answers from the knowledgebase.

AnswerClick brings in the initial implementation of natural language processing to the call center market. Natural language processing and the CoginovAPI engine can immediately bring reduction to chat handle times and can even reduce the amount of staff members that need to man even a very active Web site, the companies claim.

The AnswerClick APIs can also be integrated to work with centers' current platforms that help centers manage their multichannel communications. Chat, email, social media or SMS can be integrated to AnswerClick. The engine can even help to detect and route these channels based on the sentiment analysis engine.

"Call centers have long been managing structured data, but they have yet to have been able to apply knowledge to the information that feeds back through the center in unstructured formats. Sure, some companies can categorize and send emails or chats based upon certain keywords to the right group of agents, but I have yet to see any product that can take notes, email bodies or even social media, and read it, then deliver an actionable response," said, Steve Bederman, CEO of the Call Center Corp., in a statement. "What call center does not want to figure out how to reduce manpower while increasing accuracy for agent responses? This is not just your usual keyword search. This is natural language processing for the multimedia generation."

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