• January 31, 2013

Maximizer Releases New CRM Software Edition

Maximizer Software, a provider of CRM solutions, has launched Maximizer CRM 12 Winter 2012, throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Maximizer CRM 12 Winter 2012 offers streamlined workflow, performance improvements, a simplified user experience, enhanced mobile CRM features, and improved integration with Microsoft Office and Google Maps. 

The latest edition of Maximizer CRM 12 can be implemented as either a cloud-based or on-premises solution. The workflow and usability improvements give users an even greater ability to view, organize, and retrieve key customer information. 

Other key features of Maximizer CRM 12 Winter 2012 include the following:

  • single view of customer information - a new timeline allows users to see all business interactions in one chronological view, supporting customer service interactions and the ability to analyse buying patterns;
  • new Microsoft Office add-ins - improved integration with Word and Outlook;
  • hover and display functionality - the Web product features the ability to display detailed information via a heads-up display by hovering your mouse cursor over a record;
  • contact visualisation - instantly view all contacts within the same company and access critical information on them at once to support data targeting and identify the best potential sales leads; and
  • quick access bar - customise and simplify everyday tasks, such as saved searches and customer lists so they can be activated with a single click.

Maximizer CRM 12 Winter 2012 also includes enhanced features for smartphones and tablets. Other enhancements include built-in dashboards, Web lead capture, one-click mapping, and quick contact pop-ups for appointments, tasks, and alarms.

"This latest version of the software enables users to get the information they need with fewer clicks and to view what is going on overall with each customer more quickly and easily. It really provides the big picture, improving customer relations. It also makes it easier for new users to learn the system and start employing it day-to-day," said Mike Richardson, Maximizer Software's managing director of EMEA, in a statement. "With the Winter 2012 edition, we have made it even simpler and more user-friendly for people tapping into Maximizer CRM with a tablet or smartphone to access essential customer information on the go, whether they are updating contact information, confirming appointments, checking availability of stock, or identifying that potential upsell opportunity while in a customer's office. It's all about having a single application that does what users need and having it work on many devices."

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