• January 24, 2013

Intradiem Releases New Down Time Management Product

Intradiem (formerly known as Knowlagent), a provider of intraday management solutions, released its latest product, Intradiem 9.0, with  expanded intraday management capabilities for dynamically reacting to unpredictable events and conditions in the contact center. 

The release of Intradiem 9.0 allows companies to configure business rules for intraday task management, automatically assigning tasks to call center agents to be completed during idle time throughout the day. 

Intradiem 9.0 allows contact center management to do the following: 

  • Monitor call volume and service levels to identify idle time and send personalized and  prioritized activities directly to agents' desktops during those times;
  • Build a library of tasks that can be completed in any application by using simple task indexing and management;
  • Deliver any assignment from simple broadcasts to sophisticated sequences of tasks to targeted agents based on performance, using business rules and Intradiem's robust assignment engine; and
  • Connect to any data source for integrated management of tasks, assignments, and users with Intradiem's open API.

"The launch of 9.0 gives our customers the ability to develop the business reflexes that will drive improvement in employee productivity, company profitability, and customer experience," said Matt McConnell, Intradiem's CEO, in a statement. "This technology is flexible enough to allow our customers to innovate and come up with the recipes that are right for their unique situations. For example, they can send back-office tasks to agents during downtime, provide extra time to review materials before a weekly meeting, or set aside time to complete administrative tasks. The release sets the stage for expansion into a broader intraday management suite."

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