• December 21, 2012

TapClicks Releases Cloud-Marketing Analytics 2.0 Platform

TapClicks, the digital presence company, today unveiled its new TapClicks Analytics 2.0 Platformfor digital-marketing analytics and campaign-performance dashboards.

With this new release, digital marketers now have real-time alerts, comprehensive marketing scorecards, and precision analytics at their fingertips to answer critical questions about their marketing efforts, such as the following: 

  •     Are desirable customers clicking on my banners?
  •     Are the email newsletters we send being opened and read?
  •     Are people saying damaging things about the business?
  •     Are we showing up prominently on the search engines?
  •     Are people finding us on Facebook and Google+?
  •     Do our customers share us with their social networks?

The TapClicks Analytics Platform pulls real-time performance metrics from Google Analytics, Bing, and Google search-engine marketing, all major ad servers, reputation monitoring and email-newsletter platforms.

Local media companies, digital agencies and agents, corporate marketing teams, and small-businesses are the most immediate beneficiaries of the new platform. The TapClicks dashboards have both an agent view across all clients and a specific dashboard that the client uses to track success.

TapClicks 2.0 includes numerous advanced features, including the following

  • A notification system to flag major changes in campaign performance;
  • Unique scoring and "Scorecard" with insightful performance metrics across campaigns;
  • HTML5 support for cross-device functionality (tablet/mobile/Web); and
  • Enhanced permission settings with 4 levels account access (from agent to business owner).

Numerous performance upgrades are also part of the new application. They include the following:

  • Flat hierarchy, improved navigability, reduced clicking, and faster time-to-information;
  • Upgraded AJAX dashboard to improve chart rendering;
  • Upgraded grid system displays charts within grid for better user experience;
  • Multiple charts open simultaneously for better direct comparison;
  • Optimized database for more efficient big-data storage;
  • Creation of SQL triggers and stored procedures to create summary tables; and
  • Improved caching system and other improvements to maintain high-speed response times.

"If you listen to the market, if you live with your customers and understand their challenges, you have the chance to discover magic. Which is precisely what happened with this new release," said Babak Hedayati, CEO of TapClicks, in a statement.

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