• November 13, 2012

Zurmo Adds Reporting and Workflow to Roadmap

Zurmo plans to add reporting and workflow to its open-source CRM application early next year. The application is currently in beta. 

"Reps and managers are blindfolded if they don't have the ability to drill down on customer-facing metrics through reporting. Without automation through a good workflow engine, employees get caught up in tedious minutiae and lose face time with their customers," said Zurmo co-founder Jason Green, in a statement. "Certain functionality is undeniably crucial to attaining an effective CRM strategy. Developers and end users shouldn't be deprived of real CRM functionality just because the software edition they are using is freely downloadable. Zurmo is about taking the handcuffs off and giving the open-source CRM community the respect it deserves."

"You will not find another open-source CRM application that is freely available, includes full enterprise-class functionality, based on original code, and so simple to further develop," stated Zurmo co-founder Ray Stoeckicht in the statement. "At Zurmo we want people to take what we're building together and make it better. We help the community. The community helps us grow and support the software. It's kind of a no-brainer.

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