• November 13, 2012

B2B Marketing Gets Social with Bizo Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition

Bizo, a provider of business audience marketing, has expanded its Bizo Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition, a solution that helps small and midsized marketers reach and nurture their target prospects online. SMB marketers can now use Bizo to manage their B2B social marketing and display ad retargeting campaigns in a single platform.

Building on the success of the existing audience analytics and Web site retargeting modules, Bizo's Self-Service Edition now offers a range of new social marketing capabilities, including "social retargeting," enabling marketers to retarget display ads to prospects who have clicked on content links shared through social channels. The platform also includes a number of other social marketing features that are designed to help SMB marketers engage their audiences, and move them through the marketing funnel.

"With social marketing spend on the rise, it was time to help B2B marketers integrate display advertising with influential social channels such as Twitter to help grow their brands, minimize lost conversion opportunities through retargeting, and boost the impact of every dollar-and hour-spent in building a social presence," said Chris Mann, vice president of product management at Bizo. "For the first time, SMB marketers targeting business audiences will be able to get a handle on the exact content and tactics that are driving conversions from their social marketing investments."

Bizo Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition includes:

  • Display Ad Retargeting: helps companies convert more leads by targeting display ads to those people who have visited their website without converting.
  • Social Retargeting: allows marketers to retarget display ads across the Web to prospects who click on links to articles and other third-party content shared through Twitter and other social channels.
  • Social Audience Analytics: identifies which business audiences are converting on the links shared through social media channels.
  • Shared Content Branding: keeps a company's brand top of mind via a branded banner ad when sharing third-party content via social channels.
  • Conversion Action Tracking: tracks conversions by social channel-even down to the best-performing tweets.

More than 30 companies participated in Bizo's private Self-Service Edition beta program carried out this fall.

"While marketers can't ignore the power of social media, there's also never been a way to understand the true ROI of a social marketing program," said Rachel Peden, online marketing specialist and interactive project manager at Hodgson/Meyers, in a statement. "It is exciting to see Bizo fill the ROI gap for social marketers, whether they're looking to measure top-performing tweets or drive more leads from social content."

"For our business, Bizo has delivered an eCPA that is one-fifth of previous display ad campaigns, and visitors coming from the retargeting campaign are almost twice as likely to convert when compared to PPC traffic," said Bryan Gudmundson, marketing and creative director at UpSellit, in the statement. "The arrival of Bizo's Self-Service Edition represents a huge step forward for B2B marketers looking to use display ad retargeting to stay in front of their target prospects wherever they are online."

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