• September 24, 2012

Thunderhead.com launches Customer Engagement Platform

Thunderhead.com, a customer experience management company, has launched its SaaS ONE Engagement Platform, which helps brands intelligently engage with customers and manage their journeys.

The Thunderhead.com ONE Engagement Platform is a suite of cloud-based solutions that enables businesses to deliver highly personalized and engaging experiences across all touchpoints, building measureable engagement and driving brand strength, customer advocacy and revenue growth. It optimizes and shapes interactions throughout each customer's journey, sensing context, delivering optimized content, and maintaining continuity at every point of interaction, whether digital (mobile, Web, social) or offline (call center and print).    

"In today's complex digital world, it is critical for a business to have an outside-in, everywhere view of their interactions with their customers. Building deeper understanding of customers and anticipating their needs is the key to building stronger customer relationships, and ultimately brand strength and competitive advantage," said Glen Manchester, CEO and founder of Thunderhead.com, in a statement. "CMOs and CXOs understand that outmoded marketing models no longer work, and that a completely new approach to managing customer experience is needed. Journey management is the key, and Thunderhead.com changes the game with a clean-sheet design that constitutes the most advanced range of SaaS-based customer experience solutions available today."

"Brands are built through customer service, and increasingly businesses like us are looking to maximize engagement with our customers at every touchpoint," said Julius Christmas, IT director at Acromas Holdings, in the statement. "With the new ONE cloud platform, Thunderhead.com gives us the ability to take advantage of the new mobile and social digital landscape to engage with our customers, and to manage seamless experiences across all touchpoints throughout the customer journey."

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