• April 30, 2012

MOH Technology Releases on Hold Messaging Solution

MOH Technology has released an on-hold messaging solution that minimizes costs and simplifies insertion into Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems.

Thanks For Holding was the first company to successfully deploy the innovative MOH Technology solution. Thanks For Holding injects on-hold messaging directly into Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) systems operated by Kendall Auto Group of Alaska at dealerships in Fairbanks and Wasilla, with a third site in Anchorage nearing deployment.

The MOH Technology innovation is to IP-stream the on-hold content directly to VoIP phone systems such as Asterisk and CallManager, using a low-cost IP audio device that is separate from the VoIP server, thus avoiding the need to update files on the server.

"The biggest challenge in our industry is the migration from analog telephones to the digital world," said Michael Newman, president of Thanks For Holding, in a statement. "The MOH Technology solution provides the telecom industry's first easy and effective way to distribute content to businesses that have migrated to CallManager systems."

Thanks For Holding manages on-hold messaging programs for the Kendall Auto Group of Alaska from its offices, updating the mix of background music, advertisements, and promotions using the MOH Technology system. Meanwhile, the IP-addressable Barix devices at the receiving locations check for updates and download new on-hold content as necessary.

Newman adds that the main benefit beyond minimizing costs is simplification of the entire process. "The benefit for Kendall Auto Group and other customers is that we can manage and monitor their on-hold messages," he said. "Changes to programs are made remotely and automatically, requiring no action on their end. Meanwhile, customers calling in will hear a mix of instrumental music and information meant to educate, entertain, and ultimately inspire them to become buyers."

David Gostick of MOH Technology adds that the solution puts users ahead of the curve as the yelecom industry migrates toward VoIP systems. "The majority of traditional phone systems are nearing the end of their useful lives, and as businesses change out older systems, they are replacing them with IP-based ones," he said Gostick. "This is all about building a MOH content delivery system for the digital telephony age."

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