• March 29, 2012

StrongMail Adds Pinterest Sharing to Customer Acquisition Solution

StrongMail, a provider of interactive marketing solutions for email marketing and social media, has added Pinterest as an additional sharing channel to its StrongMail Influencer word-of-mouth customer acquisition solution.

StrongMail's patented referral marketing platform enables marketers to expand their reach by motivating their biggest brand advocates to share content via Pinterest as well as Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social networks.

With Influencer's new Pinterest support, companies can enable customers to share a visual representation of products and services that is readily available to anyone who follows the customer's "pins" or who performs a relevant search on the category or description. Enabling customers to share via Pinterest also allows marketers to track what colors, shapes, and words customers are drawn to and more likely to share.

"Pinterest opens up a promising new word-of-mouth marketing channel for brands to connect with consumers, and StrongMail Influencer fully leverages its capabilities to maximize customer acquisition," said Joerg Habermeier, senior director of social media product development at StrongMail, in a statement. "When it comes to building a healthy and profitable customer base, there is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth referral, and that is exactly what Influencer is designed to do best."

StrongMail Influencer is a social-media-powered word-of-mouth customer acquisition tool that is helping brands like Discover Financial Services, Home Shopping Network, and ShoeBuy.com identify and incentivize their most loyal customers to extend their brands with like-minded consumers. A turnkey solution that can be launched from any Web site or email, StrongMail Influencer creates a branded experience that motivates and enables consumers to share offers and now images via Pinterest, email, and other popular social networks. Not only does Influencer automate the entire word-of-mouth customer acquisition process, it allows marketers to identify their biggest brand advocates in both reach and the number of conversions that their sharing activities generated.

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