• December 7, 2011

LivePerson Releases New Marketing Solution

LivePerson a provider of real-time engagement solutions, today launched LP Marketer, a real-time data-driven targeting solution that delivers relevant, personalized content to Web site visitors at scale. LP Marketer supports a wide range of use cases that drive business results across the customer lifecycle.

LP Marketer features a combination of advanced visitor intelligence, traffic segmentation capabilities, and campaign-building tools. Business users can design and deploy highly-targeted campaigns directly on their sites.

"One of the biggest challenges with Web site marketing is how to match the right content or offer with the right visitor at the right time," said Robert LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson. "With LP Marketer, this challenge becomes a significant opportunity. Whether the goal is to drive customer acquisition, improve the online experience, or streamline customer support operations, LP Marketer empowers business owners to unleash the true potential of their Web sites by delivering targeted, personalized content to Web site visitors, designed to positively impact their behavior or experience. Best of all, this can all be done with minimal use of IT time and resources."

LP Marketer offers businesses a traffic segmentation wizard and a point-and-click user interface. LP Marketer's core capabilities are designed to enable the following:

  • Targeted Messaging: Serve custom messages to Web site visitors based on their behavior, visit history, brand loyalty or expected purchase value;
  • Campaign Echo: Ensure that site messaging is consistent with email and advertising content;
  • Geo-personalization: Tailor messages and promotions according to a visitor's language, city, region, or country;
  • Cross-sells and Up-sells: Present visitors with complementary products and services based on dozens of parameters;
  • Behavioral Targeting: Identify mouse behavior or click path that suggests a visitor may be considering abandoning a shopping cart or online form, and then deliver special offers and calls to action to help them complete the transaction;
  • Site-pathing: Hide or highlight features or sections of a site to maximize relevance to visitors based on online behavior; and
  • Pre-sales and Post-sales Support: Remove obstacles from the purchasing, onboarding, and support processes by servings tips to visitors who exhibit signs of difficulty or encounter site errors.

Customers are seeing early success with LP Marketer. Newark/element14, an electronics equipment distributor, was one of the first businesses to implement LP Marketer, rolling out the technology in its Americas division.

"To say that we have been both shocked and amazed at the value LP Marketer has driven would be an extreme understatement," said Will Anfeldt, eCommerce project lead at Newark/element14. "We've seen an incremental lift in conversions by 16 percent and average order values by 7 percent, so we've had a lot of success in driving revenue using LP Marketer, so much so that the rest of the company in Europe and Asia is eager to get the same functionality up and running."

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