• October 24, 2011

iContact Launches Social Media Product As Part of Digital Marketing Platform

iContact, an email and social media marketing company, today launched its new social media marketing product that allows businesses to perform their social media and email marketing within a single, all-in-one digital marketing platform. From this single product, businesses can now directly publish, schedule, and track their social media marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter either as stand-alone campaigns or integrated with their email marketing campaigns.

"Social networks continue to grow and transform business communications, yet businesses have lacked the insight and capabilities to utilize these channels to their full potential," said Jeff Revoy, chief product and marketing officer at iContact. "iContact's new social media marketing solution provides valuable insight into which channels, content and messages resonate most with key audiences. We are providing the foundation for businesses to have more meaningful social media interactions with their customers and constituents."

Through iContact's social analytics engine, users can measure the reach of their social media posts including the number of "Likes," "Comments" and "Retweets." Using Facebook and Twitter's API, iContact pulls tracking information about each Facebook or Twitter account and any posted messages.

The iContact social media marketing product set includes the following:

  • Social Publishing - Customers won't have to log into Facebook or Twitter to conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns. It can all be done through iContact quickly and easily through a friendly user interface mirroring Facebook and Twitter.
  •  Social Analytics - Customers view more detailed tracking information and reports, beyond what is currently provided by Facebook and Twitter, in order to better measure the impact of their social media marketing efforts. In real-time, users can view the number of Fans for each page within a Facebook account or followers with Twitter. Once content is shared, they can access the total number of "Likes," "Comments" and "Clicks" through Facebook and the number of "Retweets" via Twitter.
  •  Social Scheduling - iContact users can log in and input all of their social media posts at one time and schedule them to publish at a specified future date. Users can also save posts as drafts, enabling review prior to posting.

"We post to our Facebook and Twitter accounts almost daily to share insightful articles, tips, and other industry news," said Lauren Watral, geriatric care manager at Raleigh Geriatric Care Management, an iContact customer. "iContact provides a robust platform where we can efficiently manage our social media and email marketing needs in one location, saving us valuable time and resources and providing the tools we need to succeed."

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