• May 20, 2011

Noble Systems Introduces Noble Harmony v.2

Noble Systems, a provider of unified contact center technology solutions, released Noble Harmony v.2, the next generation of Noble Systems’ browser access tool for remote and mobile contact center management.

Noble Harmony v.2 builds upon the flexible, browser-agnostic design introduced in the Noble Harmony series, enhancing it to improve user interface layout and customization. Noble Harmony v.2 supports multiple browsers and operating systems and is available on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop PCs.

Noble Harmony v.2 offers layout customization that allows managers to arrange how key performance indicator information is displayed on the dashboard, access frequently-used screens, and query a vastly-expanded array of variables. Through Noble Harmony v.2, managers can set alerts to be triggered on specific activities and parameters, find and analyze individual campaigns and agents, manage list assignments, and much more.

Noble Harmony v.2 and accompanying Noble mobile solutions are designed to help managers and supervisors operate effectively without being tethered to an individual station by allowing them to monitor real-time activities with handheld mobile devices and tablets on virtually any of the major browser applications.

"Yesterday's contact center was a static location limited by desktop hard drives and copper wires," said James Noble, president and CEO of Noble Systems. "That time has passed. Today, Noble Harmony is an integral part of fast, effective contact centers that rely on our flexible premise and cloud-based applications, burstable line capacity, and mobile-friendly management tools."

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