• December 8, 2010
  • By Koa Beck, Editorial Assistant, CRM magazine

Demandbase Solution Can Make ID in Real Time

Demandbase, a technology company that provides marketing performance improvement solutions for B2B marketers, announced yesterday at the Dreamforce ’10 Conference that its Real-Time Identification service can now identify more than 1 billion IP addresses.

The Demandbase Real-Time ID Service provides business-to-business companies with intelligence about the identity of their visitors needed to optimize Web conversions and make online marketing efforts more effective. Real-Time ID identifies the businesses hitting a customer’s site in a fraction of a second and before content is rendered.

Demandbase’s Real-Time ID Service has a customizable API that connects to existing marketing technologies like marketing automation, CRM, Web analytics, chat, and CMS platforms. Customers can deliver a Web experience with industry-specific messages or product offers. They can also use shorter forms to increase conversion rates while automatically providing verified company name and details before registrations are submitted to a CRM or lead management system.

The Demandbase Real-Time ID service is built on its cloud-based Business Resolution Platform, a proprietary business data cleansing and correlation platform.

Jay Gaines, research director at SiriusDecisions, points out that Demandbase’s Real-Time ID is expected to change online marketing for the better. In the past, many marketers have posted a variety of content on homepages to appeal to a diverse target audience hoping that unknown visitors would find something of interest.

“With Demandbase’s RealTime ID platform marketers can now present targeted content, messages, and offers to what previously would have been unknown visitors by integrating the platform with content management systems (CMS),” Gaines says. “Since the platform links IP addresses of visitors to company names, vertical industries, geography, etc., marketers can create rules that allow them to dynamically present very targeted content in the time it takes a page to load. This greatly improves the likelihood that visitors will be quickly engaged on sites and will take desired actions, such as completing Web forms to access content, or subscribing to newsletters.”

Gaines also adds that this new platform will enable marketing to specific, strategic accounts, creating custom environments for visitors from specific companies. Company information can also be used to alert sales people to activity on the site from people of specific accounts.

RealTime ID’s integration with marketing automation, Web forms, and live chat “enables a more effective visitor engagement and qualification,” according to Gaines.

SiriusDecisions has yet to gather any hard data on exactly how Demandbase will impact conversion rates, but Gaines says, “we do expect to see increases among companies who use the platform.”

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