NGenera Rebrands as Moxie Software

Say goodbye to "nGenera." The social software vendor has a brand-new brand name -- and the name's got moxie.

NGenera, a player in the collaboration and customer interaction management (CIM) markets, has rebranded itself as Moxie Software in hopes of bringing together its social business software solutions under one roof. "We felt it was time to rebrand the business and unify the product portfolio behind it," explains Brian Magierski, chief marketing officer for Moxie Software.

Moxie's product line gets a brand refresh as well under the new name "Spaces." Spaces is broken into two categories -- Employee Engagement Spaces and Customer Engagement Spaces:

Employee Engagement Spaces:

  • Work Spaces - internal & hybrid communities
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Knowledgebase
  • Social Policy Management

Customer Engagement Spaces:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Co-browse
  • Knowledgebase
  • External Community
  • Social Media Response
  • Social Media Monitoring

The majority of the customer tools are derived from the CIM product line, which nGenera gained following a May 2008 acquisition of customer interaction solution provider Talisma. In the spring of 2010 nGenera added the social media and community aspects to CIM, with the release of CIM 9. Although nGenera's CIM product line seems to have garnered a lot of attention, (In fact, CRM awarded nGenera a 2008 Rising Star Award for its on-demand CIM suite.) it's employee-facing tools may have gotten lost in its messaging. Magierski states that Moxie represents a marriage of the Talisma-acquired customer interaction tools and the nGenera collaboration capabilities. "We really have two product portfolios that share a lot of components and tie together," Magierski says. "The world of enterprise 2.0 and Social CRM, we really think these two markets are converging."

Magierski comments that customers know the company in three ways--in the context of research and insights enterprise 2.0, and also in CIM. Although it wasn't crystal clear on the unification of its products prior to now--CIM and collaboration products had different websites, for instance--Magierski says the Moxie brand will help tell the company's story. "We really think we are the first and only [vendor] out there unifying the spaces under a common platform," Magierski remarks.

John Ragsdale, vice president of technology research for the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), praises nGenera's moxie move: "I like they are bringing it into one product line. There's a lot of overlap and advantages for doing that." He also points out that Moxie Software has brought a few new additions to the table that will aid companies in their social media strategies. Moxie's Social Policy Management, for example, takes a stab at rule management, what Ragsdale calls a gap in many social media strategies.

The company from here on out will be branded as Moxie Software, and will operate from the MoxieSoft.com website. NGenera Insight, the company's research platform led by industry thought leader Don Tapscott, will solely continue to carry the nGenera brand name.

"It's been a slightly dysfunctional family," Ragsdale says, adding that the company took a bit of a beating following the Talisma acquisition for its misunderstood messaging. "Clearly nGenera bought Talisma because they had the vision--we had been waiting to see what it was," he says. "Waiting a year and a half to launch was a good time frame. Now, looking back, it all makes sense."

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