CRM On Twitter: May 2010

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Of all the media now at the world’s disposal, Twitter is somehow straddling a divide: on one side, a synchronous, rapid-fire stream of consciousness; on the other, the asynchronous, deliberate distribution of links to fleshed-out ideas.

In honor of this month’s Customer Empowerment Issue, we’ve collected a few tweets from the top minds hammering out the movement known as vendor relationship management. 

As for us, we’re at www.twitter.com/CRM; blogs and live-twittering appear at www.twitter.com/destinationCRM. Reach us directly by starting your tweet with @CRM.

@dsearls: Wanted: User-Usable Data http://sn.im/vrm0322 #VRM.

@xmlgrrl: Henceforth, I will refer to “anonymish” personal data, since true anonymity is so elusive. #privacy.

@dweinberger: Is authority moving from having the last word to having the first word? http://sn.im/vrm0310.

@jeffjarvis: Just found this line serendipitously: “The internet is not a medium, it is a language.” http://sn.im/cisco0521.

@CluetrainAlumni: 1999 more than 2000 people signed the manifesto http://sn.im/signatories #cluetrain #manifesto #1999.

@jeneane: There was less privacy online in 2002 than now. We were shockingly revealing. Intimacy has been replaced by opinion, & writing by content.

@dsearls: ‘RM Alignments: http://sn.im/vrm0325 #VRM.

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