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Picture your colleagues sitting around, trying to figure out the future of your business. What will your customers want to buy? How will they want to be contacted? Will they even want to keep using your product or services? Instead of picking strategies out of a hat, predictive analytics solutions can help tell your business’ future. These offerings analyze data your organization already collects, and help discern future trends as well as current opportunities. Predictive analytics solutions are significantly more expensive than a call to the $1.99-per-minute Psychic Friends Network, but they’ve shown their value many times over.

Allegiance Engage Platform

  • Delivery Model: Hosted, software-as-a-service
  • Price: Typical annual subscription ranges from $10,000 to $250,000 depending on the size of your company.
  • Business Benefits: The Allegiance Engage platform helps companies gather, analyze, and respond in real time to customer and employee complaints, comments, and suggestions, using leading indicators and predictive technology to tie data to business outcomes. The offering analyzes all employee and customer engagement to date to make predictions about actions that will optimally improve loyalty and engagement.
  • Functionality: The platform collects and responds to employee and customer feedback from all points of contact. It also monitors and examines employee and customer emotions and intentions (including feelings toward a company’s products, employees, and service) and determines the drivers of engagement that will have the most positive impact.
  • Contact: Allegiance at 1-866-794-4785; or visit www.allegiance.com.

Asterop GeoIntelligence Solutions

  • Delivery Model: Web-based software
  • Price: Implementations start at $100,000, and annual usage starts at $25,000.
  • Business Benefits: Asterop GeoIntelligence Solutions enable the identification of optimal expansion, relocation, and closing strategies for a store network. The offering also calculates the revenue potential of new, expanded, or relocated stores and subsequent cannibalization of existing stores while streamlining evaluations of prospective sites and simplifying data collection, data management, and report preparation.
  • Functionality: The solution is built on GeoIntelligence platform technology, enabling Asterop to create a customized solution for users in United States or European markets. The hosted software consists of modules for network planning, revenue modeling, mapping, direct-mail optimization, and portfolio optimization. The software also scrutinizes probabilistic trade areas and predictive revenue potential.
  • Contact: Asterop at 1-415-227-0300; or visit www.asterop.com.

SPSS Predictive Analytics Software

  • Delivery Model: Web-based software; consulting services available for larger implementations.
  • Price: Pricing starts from $1,699 for statistics and $10,000 for data mining in a desktop installation with additional costs per license and per module. Enterprisewide implementations start at $100,000.
  • Business Benefits: The solution drives revenue growth and operational efficiency by automating
  • data-driven decision-making within everyday processes, thereby helping to attract, grow, and retain customers. The offering allows for better understanding and predictions of future customer behavior by analyzing, modeling, and scoring demographic and transactional data from operational systems, as well as attitudinal data gathered through customer interaction and surveys. The software also integrates with existing infrastructure for minimal disruption and accelerated return on investment.
  • Functionality: By deploying predictive models within operational systems, the solution unlocks the value of existing enterprise data to identify which customers to target, how to reach them, when to make contact, and the proper messages to communicate. This can help to improve interactions within marketing campaigns, through contact centers, and on the Web.
  • Contact: SPSS at 1-312-651-3000; or visit www.spss.com.

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