• June 1, 2008

Tech Solution: Multichannel Marketing Tools

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It's difficult enough to accumulate all the necessary statistics and demographics needed to put together a targeted marketing program. Now imagine trying to unite all those sundry figures while simultaneously juggling additional sources of siloed customer and product data. Companies can save time and trouble by investing in multichannel marketing tools that can make the most of all the hard work spent in data collection by creating easy-to-follow, integrated marketing plans that can be implemented immediately.

Neolane v4
Delivery Model: Software-as-a-service (SaaS) or customer-hosted model
Price: Entry level is $3,000 per month for 100,000 records or $90,000 plus 18 percent for perpetual maintenance/support.
Business Benefits: Many companies' solutions feature applications--such as lead management, marketing resource management, and analytics and reporting--that are typically stove-piped and don't work well together. Neolane promises an offering that combines these applications into one platform and unifies them as part of a coordinated business process to create effective customer-interaction scenarios.
Functionality: The solution features a single code base, as well as a single interface with an automated, role-based, collaborative workflow engine. This Web-services--based solution can deliver flexible, on-demand user access. Neolane's offering also contains an intuitive graphical user interface that provides a simple visual design palette for designing and managing closed-loop data and systems process automation.
Contact: Neolane at 1-617-467-6760; or visit www.neolane.com.
SAS Marketing Optimization
Delivery Model: On-premise software
Price: Starts under $200,000.
Business Benefits: The solution enables marketers to increase marketing return on investment by determining the best offers for individual customers. SAS Institute's offering also can deliver analytic insight into the value of business constraints, two of which are channel capacity and contact policies.
Functionality: The solution is built on a high-performance optimization engine designed to improve scalability and reduce computation time. All scenarios, constraints, reports, and analyses can be defined and performed through a single user interface. With the solution's scenario graphics feature, marketers can define alternatives within an optimization project.
Contact: SAS Institute at 1-919-677-8000; or visit www.sas.com.
Unica Affinium Insight
Delivery Model: On-premise software
Price: Starts at $45,000, based on number of users and number of customers/prospects being analyzed.
Business Benefits: The solution's dashboards and flexible visualizations give marketers another avenue to analyze customer behavior across multiple channels. Affinium, a staple of Unica's enterprise marketing management (EMM) suite, enables customer insights throughout the entire marketing team, including segment, product, and brand marketers, as well as decision-makers at central, regional, and local offices.
Functionality: Marketing-specific visualizations included in the solution identify trends and provide root-cause-and-effect insights into customer behavior and opportunities, while flexible (and unlimited) visual drill-throughs enable marketers to find program delays or select the proper target audience. Affinium Insight's EasySets enable marketers to focus on any slice of customer or program data, and to analyze that slice quickly.
Contact: Unica at 1-781-839-8000; or visit www.unica.com.

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