• May 22, 2003
  • By David Myron, Editorial Director, CRM and Speech Technology magazines and SmartCustomerService.com

Call Center Cop and Counselor

Audentify, a division of Autonomy, on Tuesday introduced its first product that understands the content and context of voice and data customer interactions to yield instant resolutions. The solution is designed to reduce call handling times, increase the quality of customer interactions, monitor individual agent performance, analyze call-handling trends, and enable all calls and interactions to be recorded and made instantly searchable. Using data management capabilities and voice recognition, Audentify monitors and records calls or emails between agents and customers and automatically delivers agent assistance, analytics and identifies potential problems. "The key driver is to reduce call-handling time. Call centers need to increase customer satisfaction by getting the resolution as quickly as possible. Forty percent of all calls require agents to call back, because they don't have the answers at their fingertips," says Dominic Johnson, a director at Audentify. The product can work as a policing agent, Johnson says. If a call center receives a barrage of complaints through telephone calls and emails, management would be automatically alerted to the problem. Audentify also works as a digital mentor. It can listen to the incoming call and suggest information that could solve a problem. Also, if agents consistently underperform they would automatically receive e-learning materials. With the product's customer profiling capabilities, agents can capitalize on cross-sell and upsell opportunities, as well. To work effectively the product integrates with all existing enterprise applications, such as CRM, BI, and ERP solutions. "Instead of the call center being an island that doesn't integrate well with the main organization, Audentify can integrate and make use of all information inside the organization," Johnson says. "This solution delivers significant cost savings and increases in the quality of service," said Martin Butler, founder and president of Butler Group, an IT research firm in Hull, England, in a prepared statement. "This is in stark contrast to other solutions which rely on manual effort: such as listening to every telephone call, archiving and reading every email in order to resolve any dispute or improve training methodologies."
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