• March 1, 2006
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Tech Solution: Web-Survey Systems

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Contact centers, marketing campaigns, and sales initiatives add to the big picture when it comes to receiving and measuring customer feedback, but sometimes the simplest way is to ask your customers a few questions. Conducting surveys is far from simplistic, but fortunately, a host of vendors provide Web-survey solutions to automate the process. These surveys can be used not only for customers, but also for employee feedback, training assessment, or anything that requires insight about a specific topic straight from the end user.

Perseus SurveySolutions/EFM
Delivery Model: installed software
Price: Perseus SurveySolutions/EFM starts at $7,500 for a single workgroup while annual maintenance is 18 percent of list price. Training, research, and extended solution projects are priced upon request.

Business Benefits: Perseus SurveySolutions/EFM is an enterprise-feedback management system designed to let organizations develop and deploy customizable, sophisticated Web surveys.

Functionality: SurveySolutions/EFM streamlines the survey process, from questionnaire design through results presentation, by allowing users to apply research techniques like branching, piping, multilevel matrix questions, randomizations, and contingent choices, without having to write scripts or programs. In addition, the program enables workgroup members to collaborate on drafting questionnaires and analyzing results, and lets companies deploy surveys via the Web, email, telephone, paper, or handheld devices, including PocketPC and Palm. SurveySolutions/EFM monitors and reports data in real time through a Web browser and integrates with existing CRM, HR, or BI systems, and with existing desktop tools, including Microsoft Office and SPSS. The entire system is centrally managed, completely Web-enabled, and lets organizations cross reference survey results to better leverage information.

Contact: Perseus at 1-877-737-7387; email at info@perseus.com; or visit www.perseus.com

WebSurveyor 5.5
Delivery Model: Web-based and installed software
Price: $1,995 for premium 12-month hosting; $4,995 for perpetual license

Business Benefits: WebSurveyor enables companies to conduct conference registration and notification, Web-site-visitor feedback, seminar planning and evaluation, employee feedback, pre- and posttraining assessment, warranty registration, and other activities, in an online format.

Functionality: Users can customize their own templates to use features like conditional branching, skip logic, response piping, and data validation. There is a professional template library to choose from, or users can save their own custom report templates to the personal library. Surveys and reports on the data come alive through an expanded library of presentation templates. Side-by-side matrix questions allow multiple- and single-select matrices to be placed alongside each other for clearer display. In addition, users can sort and upload question response options alphabetically and in bulk.
Contact: WebSurveyor at 1-800-787-8755; email at info@websurveyor.com; or visit www.websurveyor.com

Zoomerang zPro
Delivery Model: Web-based
Price: $599 for 12-month hosting

Business Benefits: Zoomerang's online survey product, zPro, enables both small and large businesses to create a multitude of customized surveys and analyze feedback needed to make business decisions.

Functionality: zPro can create surveys for an unlimited number of respondents, in multiple languages, and provide users their own text for survey buttons and mandatory-question messages. Users can display surveys on multiple pages and customize survey invitations to each recipient by inserting contact information directly into the email. For data analysis, zPro can engage in extensive demographic profiling and perform in-depth analysis and statistical testing, then create graphs and reports based upon these results, or place the data into different presentation software.

Contact: Zoomerang at (phone number available at Web registration); email at sales@zoomerang.com; or visit www.zoomerang.com

Contact Editorial Assistant Colin Beasty at cbeasty@destinationCRM.com

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