• December 1, 2007
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Tech Solution: Defect-Tracking Software

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For almost as long as there's been software, there have been specialized programs to track problems within computer applications. These defect-tracking solutions are designed to ensure quality and help programmers keep tabs on reported software bugs. When integrated with a CRM system, companies can track and follow the defect-resolution process to improve the quality of the product and keep users and customers satisfied. Axosoft OnTime 2007
    Delivery Model:
Web-based and installed software Price:
Starts at $495 for a five-user starter pack (installed version) or $49 per seat, per month (Web-based) Business Benefits: OnTime 2007 is an integrated defect tracker, requirement manager, and help desk incident tracker with a focus on software defect tracking. OnTime is designed to assist software teams with tracking software bugs, collaborating better to fix them, and shipping software on time. Functionality: Help desks can track software bugs, software requirements, team member tasks, and use OnTime as a ticketing system for managing IT department support requests. Workflow management functionality allows development teams to build workflow or process management into the system, and work-log tracking allows managers to track the time spent on each item and compare it to estimates to improve future projections. Contact: Axosoft Software at 480-362-1900; or visit www.axosoft.com Soffront Defect Tracking
    Delivery Model:
Web-based and installed software Price: Starts at $1,000 per seat (installed), or at $60 per seat, per month (Web-based) Business Benefits: Soffront Defect Tracking is a defect- and bug-tracking solution used to follow product defects and manage product-enhancement requests. The software comes fully integrated as part of a complete CRM suite, and allows users to follow the defect-resolution process and work the defect from initiation to closure, enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction. Soffront Defect Tracking helps compress product-release cycles, avoid redundant work, and accelerate time to market. Functionality: Soffront Defect Tracking includes configurable workflow to match any processes. Features include: automatic assignment of defects and bugs; full bi-directional integration; integration with Microsoft Visual Source Safe; automatic email notifications; time/cost tracking; comprehensive reporting and querying (requiring no IT support); online and email defect submissions; multilevel group security; and SSL support. The product also allows customers to manage test cases, attach files, capture system information, plan activities and tasks, support multiple product groups, and monitor/enforce business-process rules. Contact: Soffront Software at 800-SOFFRONT; or visit www.soffront.com TechExcel DevTrack
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Installed software Price: Starts with a base price of $5,000 for the enterprise edition and adds $650 per fixed user license Business Benefits: DevTrack is a project-tracking tool used by development teams to comprehensively track and manage different types of issues, from new features or product enhancements to product defects. DevTrack allows development teams to more efficiently collaborate to resolve issues between different users, teams, and customers. Functionality: Forms and fields are customized through a point-and-click user interface to fit business processes and requirements. A client/server-and-Web architecture provides remote access via Web connection and a full-featured Web browser client, or via desktop Windows client. Project managers and administrators can control individual access to pages and fields based on role or issue status. Contact: TechExcel at 925-871-3900; email info@techexcel.com; or visit www.techexcel.com
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