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Companies try to serve their customers by providing what they believe is stellar service. Many have dedicated contact center staff, and are committed to doing right by the people who are buying products or services. But what good is having a contact center to field all these calls if there's no way to handle the responses and figure out how to serve customers even better? By implementing speech analytics solutions, companies can organize customer feedback and apply it to their service excellence arsenal. VoiceObjects 7 Delivery Model:
Installed software Price: Begins at $400 per port Business Benefits: The overall solution includes highly scalable, carrier-grade deployment and management of personalized, over-the-phone voice, video, text, and Web self-service applications with cluster management and multitenancy for large enterprises and carriers. The solution enables real-time tracking of caller behavior for quicker improvements, including 50 out-of-the-box reports. Functionality: A personalization engine uses layers to present dynamically generated information or prompts each caller based on caller input and/or customer preferences and interaction history stored in a CRM database. Core application logic is separated from the way the application is presented to the caller, reducing the complexity of designing dynamic personalized dialogues and ensuring application consistency and quality. Contact: VoiceObjects at 1-650-288-0299; or visit www.voiceobjects.com. NICE SmartCenter--Interaction Analytics Delivery Model: Installed software Price: Broad range based on specific capabilities required--between $150 and $2,500 per agent seat Business Benefits: The NICE Systems solution leverages customer interactions to support data-driven business decisions. NICE SmartCenter offers the top reasons for repeat callers, drivers for call spikes, and increased average hold time; isolates gaps in agent knowledge; and identifies customer satisfaction drivers, customer churn predictors, and key indicators of marketing and sales effectiveness. Functionality: NICE SmartCenter--Interaction Analytics starts with highly cost-effective mass analysis of interactions. The analysis covers multiple dimensions, including speech, emotion, CTI, screen content, quality evaluation scores, customer feedback, and relevant business data. Once analyzed, the interactions are automatically categorized to address specific business challenges. Thresholds and alerts ensure any deviation from business-as-usual receives immediate attention. Targeted root-cause analysis is also performed to unearth unexpected insights and customer intent. Contact: NICE Systems at 1-866-999-NICE; or visit www.nice.com. Qfiniti Explore Delivery Model: Premise-based software solution, sold through resellers or direct sales Price: Seat pricing, starting at $400 per monitored seat Business Benefits: The Autonomy etalk solution records every voice transaction, as well as every element within those recordings, and is easily searchable. By automating data-mining processes that once required manual effort, the solution extends customer satisfaction initiatives beyond the contact center to the entire business. Functionality: The solution's technology uses a phoneme-based approach: By employing a fundamentally different and unique combination of technologies to enable computers to form a human-like understanding of unstructured information, the product serves as a platform for the conceptual and contextual understanding of information. This solution executes an ingestion process that retrieves, analyzes, transcribes, and indexes recordings, which then allows for word- or phrase-based searches, conceptual searches, and script adherence matches. Contact: Autonomy etalk at 1-800-835-6357; or visit www.etalk.com. Contact Editorial Assistant Christopher Musico at cmusico@destinationCRM.com.
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