• December 4, 2003
  • By David Myron, Editorial Director, CRM and Speech Technology magazines and SmartCustomerService.com

VoiceGenie Integrates with ScanSoft

VoiceGenie Technologies is granting more customer wishes: It has started shipping version 6.1 of its VoiceXML platform. The new version provides integration with SpeechWorks' Suite of network speech solutions from ScanSoft, including ScanSoft's OpenSpeech Recognizer 2.0 speech recognition software and Speechify 3.0 text-to-speech (TTS) software. OpenSpeech Recognizer 2.0 provides support for application vocabularies containing millions of words, even in wireless and voiceover IP networks. ScanSoft's TTS engines offer 22 languages and 36 male and female voices to deliver real-time or personal information, including personal account information, email by phone for unified messaging systems, locator services for stores and ATMs, 511 traffic and road conditions, weather reports, automated voice dialing, directory assistance, and others. ScanSoft's SpeechPearlXML, which brings speech recognition to VoiceXML and SALT-based platforms, started shipping in July. ScanSoft's OpenSpeech Recognizer 2.0 speech recognition software and Speechify 3.0 TSS software started shipping in October. With the release of VoiceGenie version 6.1, customers will receive immediate access to ScanSoft's latest product releases within each VoiceXML application running on a VoiceGenie platform. Additionally, the VoiceGenie platform exposes, at the VoiceXML layer, the capabilities of OpenSpeech Recognizer 2.0, including SpeakFreely natural language capabilities. The release also marks the introduction of H.323 support, multiphase transfers that enable a richer caller experience during call transfer operations, and VoiceXML optimizations, delivering performance in excess of 200 ports (DTMF VoiceXML application on a Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz server), VoiceGenie reported. "VoiceGenie's ability to be the first platform vendor to bring our latest speech technologies to market, and its commitment to standards like VoiceXML and MRCP, will accelerate the development and deployment of high-quality speech solutions, enabling customers to deploy large-scale, mission-critical speech solutions," according to Steve Chambers, general manager of Network Speech Solutions at ScanSoft. The VoiceGenie release provides simultaneous support for PSTN and VoIP environments, as well as the main telephony interfaces, including Central Office and PBX products, protocols, and interfaces. "With the addition of H.323 to our existing support for both VoIP/SIP and PSTN environments, we can continue to enable an even greater variety of architectures and deployment scenarios, as well as provide the framework for both Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR) and multi-modal applications," Mark Scott, CTO at VoiceGenie Technologies, said in a statement.
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