• March 1, 2004

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CRM magazine: Should companies expect their CRM vendors to help them use CRM to determine who their most profitable customers are? Barbry McGann, vice president of product management, PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM, PeopleSoft: CRM technology is an enabler, but the value that you're going to get out of it is from a [CRM] strategy. Customers want to understand what are best practices for an implementation. More and more, customers are looking at vendors--because we have a lot of experiences with different customers in key industries and have learned a lot about best practices--for that expertise to help them set their project objectives and what they want to try to achieve and what kind of plan they want to have for return on their investment. Yes, the technology has to be easy to enable, but the strategic value is on what the software can do for you and what best practices and expertise the vendor can provide.
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