• July 6, 2006
  • By Marshall Lager, founder and managing principal, Third Idea Consulting; contributor, CRM magazine

Syspro Unpacks a Shipment of New Features

Syspro has released the latest edition of its integrated supplier and customer relationship management suite, Syspro CRM 5.0. This upgrade to the on-premise software product adds hundreds of new features and functionalities to better serve its target audience of midmarket manufacturing and distribution firms, according to the company. The bulk of Syspro's efforts with this release have been to root the suite more firmly as a complete solution to the needs of medium enterprises. Campaign tracking has thus received considerable attention, as has integration with popular applications like Microsoft Outlook and GroupWise. "We've added loads and loads of extra functionality, but the overarching theme is this: the key to successful CRM integrations is the implementation," says Harold Katz, technology enabling manager for Syspro. "We've done a lot of work closely tying Syspro CRM into ERP and other applications." Version 5 supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as well, further leveraging Syspro's integration with Redmond's popular applications. Campaign tracking now includes at-a-glance visibility of campaign status, including expense performance against the plan and the budget. This feeds into the built-in executive view, joining with sales statistics and service tickets for easy graphical analysis of weekly or monthly business performance, according to the company. Syspro has also given the user experience a shot in the arm with overhauls of the dashboard and calendar interfaces. Dashboards are more customizable and sortable than in previous versions, whether viewed globally or at the individual user level. "The new features and functions in Syspro CRM 5.0 exemplify the dedication Syspro has to making Syspro CRM one of the most utilitarian, user friendly, and flexible CRM solutions on the market," said Joey Benadretti, Syspro USA president, in a written statement. No industry analysts who had been briefed could be reached for assessment or commentary. However, there should be concern whether the addition of easily sorted lists, drag and drop calendaring, and executive views constitute a leap forward in general terms. Much of the functionality touted in Syspro's announcement is considered standard by many suite vendors, and has been available from competitors for quite some time. The additions will need to enhance Syspro CRM's vertical focus in order for the new release to succeed in more than a narrow scope. Related articles: The Best Makers Take Pains to Monitor Quality
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