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When customers dial a financial call center, they often are led into frustrating circles, having to repeat personal information several times and explain their problems to one customer service representative (CSR) after another. S1 has announced what the company believes could be an integrated solution to these obstacles: an Enterprise Banking Call Center, which company officials say will enable banks to deepen their relationships with customers, improve customer loyalty, and increase revenues. The idea behind the call center is for an institution to prove it knows its customers and to give them the sense that "this company knows my needs, my problems, my history," says Ross McKay, S1's vice president of product management for retail banking. It gives customers the benefit of not having to tell the their story over and over again. Some of the highlights the application provides are a customer digital dashboard so representatives can tailor service to individual needs; previous call history and the level of satisfaction experienced during those calls; alerts, awards, and promotions; and analytical tools to optimize cross-selling opportunities during the conversation. Representatives can open accounts, transfer funds, deal with lost or stolen cards, and update information. The customer dashboard also details notes of any transaction in process. For example, if the person ordered new checks on Sunday and is calling about another issue on Tuesday, the CSR also can inform the customer the checks are on the way, providing an enhanced personal experience, according to McKay. It also is synchronized so if a customer starts a process online and has a question, he can pick up the phone and continue right where he left off on his computer. Customized scripts can walk CSRs through FAQs, and a tool provides suggestions for resolutions and the success rate of each of those options. According to McKay, companies using the banking call center may save money by using one application throughout the company, reducing administration and help desks costs. S1 provides one platform that companies can choose to roll out simultaneously or in stages, because of reusable components. It could take 90 to 100 days to set up, then a few months or even a year to roll out completely. Smaller institutions in particular can benefit from Enterprise Banking Call Center--no more filling out spreadsheets, jotting notes on pads, and having to memorize numerous transaction codes. Now reps can just glance at the dashboard. S1 Enterprise Banking Call Center is one of nine major applications of S1 Enterprise that was announced in late August. It includes S1 Personal Banking, Business Banking, and Corporate Banking, among others. Related articles: Exceptional Service Spurs Exceptional Sales
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