• August 1, 2007
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Tech Solution: Internet Marketing Solutions

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For years, companies have been unable to turn insight from search optimization, Web analytics, and marketing automation tools into a cohesive online marketing strategy. Internet marketing solutions from marketing automation vendors are now solving this, measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) from business intelligence solutions, Web analytics tools, and cross-channel campaigns to allow companies to optimize online advertising and campaign tracking. This allows a better understanding of how customers react to online marketing efforts and enables the targeting of segmented consumers with the most relevant content. Unica Affinium NetInsight Delivery Model:
Web-based or installed software Price: Based on Web-site traffic volume; starts at $10,000 for a small Web site. Business Benefits: Analyzes online marketing campaigns including Web-site traffic, media buys, email campaigns, and search engine marketing, and compares that to offline marketing (direct mail, catalog, call center activities). Enables more-effective analytics, and, with other Affinium Suite modules, allows marketers to improve cross-channel marketing campaigns via follow-up emails after a shopping cart is abandoned, or real-time call capabilities to a customer inquiring about a new product on a Web site. Functionality: An overlay user interface pinpoints behavior by visitor segments in context with your Web site. User-configurable dashboards identify trends and organize KPIs into the most relevant results. Also integrates with business intelligence systems (Cognos, Business Objects, MicroStrategy), and is not limited to Web analytics data. For example, externally stored user information can be integrated into analytics reports, such as how Internet campaigns are faring with gold- versus bronze-status customers. Contact: 800-407-3570; email at unica@unica.com; or visit www.unica.com. Visual Sciences Visual Site Delivery Model: Installed software Price: Starts at $50,000 on a CPM, annual subscription basis. Business Benefits: An online advertising, campaign tracking, and analytics suite that lets marketers measure, audit, and analyze the delivery of ad impressions on other Web sites. Marketers gain visibility from the first offsite ad impression through later interactions that the same customer has with the marketer's site. With Visual Sciences' other applications, marketers can expand their knowledge of consumer behavior to other channels, such as IVR, retail point-of-sale, or ATMs. Functionality: Tracks campaign performance through lifetime advertisement impressions, clickthrough, viewthrough, conversion tracking, and analytics. Ad impressions are measured (and automatically combined) from the client's Web site as well as third-party sites. Visual Site can accept information passed in from ad-serving vendors and allows visitor-by-visitor analytics results to be passed back to ad-serving vendors, enabling closed-loop online advertising campaign optimization. Contact: 888-844-8269; or visit www.visualsciences.com. WebTrends Marketing Lab Delivery Model: Web-based or installed software Price: Ranges from $1,500 to $5,000 per month depending on customer requirements. Business Benefits: Online initiatives are optimized by delivering targeted marketing to improve customer engagement and lifetime value. Real-time analysis offers an integrated view of visitors' clickstream behavior and helps automatically optimize paid search advertising and score the value of each visitor. This increases engagement by delivering relevant content to those most likely to respond. Functionality: A unified interface offers a single-source solution. Flexible data collection, using cookies and customizable analytics, helps drive targeted online campaigns. Automatically performs multivariant tests on paid search advertising, and adapts to maximize profitability or return on ad spend. A self-service, extensible, cross-channel data warehouse with open schema provides flexibility to combine recency, frequency, and visitor intent with demographic data to increase customer engagement and lifetime value. Contact: 887-932-8736; or visit www.webtrends.com.
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