• October 19, 2004
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Salesnet Announces Three New Releases

Salesnet has made three announcements involving a business strategy and on-demand products and services. The new business strategy centers on providing initiatives that address the business needs of large companies. Called Customer Success Roadmap, this approach aims to help companies select the products and support services that will best help their customers and increase ROI. With analysts projecting huge payoffs for on-demand CRM, Salesnet's idea for Customer Success Roadmap is to give companies the ability to acquire, implement, and structure their on-demand CRM on an ongoing basis. "It is designed to allow companies to get the most value from their on-demand implementations, and thus, increase their ROI," Salesnet CMO Dan Starr says. The company also launched three new on-demand products that Salesnet hopes will accelerate user adoption and address customer needs based on its Customer Success Roadmap initiative. Salesnet Global Edition supports international firms, and includes sales forecasting and enhanced multicurrency support. Data De-Duplication and Cleansing is designed to help address the challenge of maintaining data--users can regularly clean and maintain key account and contact information. Last, a new version of Salesnet's Secure Offline Edition is now combined with Salesnet's multiwindowed User Interface, providing faster, more consistent access to sales data. Additionally, Salesnet has made available a new set of on-demand services. Salesnet's aim is to help its customers accelerate user adoption and improve results. The first of these three services is Enterprise Customer Success Audit. Salesnet designed the new service as a quarterly collaborative "health check" designed to improve a customer's ROI. The program was also designed to allow Salesnet the ability to identify measures, so it can better adapt to changing customer support needs. Administration-as-a-Service helps address administrative needs for customers. This includes completing customization, helping to establish communication templates, and facilitating ongoing training. Last, Salesnet has expanded its free training and has developed new tracks for end users, managers, and developers. In addition, Salesnet also announced offers for on-demand access to new coaching materials and training sessions through Salesnet customer portal, mySalesnet. "The launch of these new products was designed to address on-demand CRM needs for the global enterprises," Starr says. "Products like the Customer Success Roadmap supported by these new products will give large enterprises the ability to stay in touch with their customer's needs and demands." Related articles: CRM Claims the Corner Office
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