• July 10, 2024

Sailes Adds Features to Sailesbot

Sailes, a developer of artificial intelligence solutions for sales, has added Digital Labor Live and Real-Time ROI to its Sailesbot solutions.

These features allow company leadership to watch their Sailebots work live while seeing the ROI impact in real time. Both will live in Starboard, Sailes' CRM for AI released last year.

Digital Labor Live features a dynamic Live Feed on Starboard, showcasing real-time Sailebot activities through animated avatars. With this expanded functionality, sales teams can watch the Digital Labor of their Sailbot happen before their eyes with indicators highlighting actionable opportunities and detailed metrics such as AI qualified leads, emails, and referrals as they occur. The platform tracks the active Sailebot count to enable better resource management and efficiency measurements like tracking hours saved.

Complementing this, ROI Live empowers sales teams to view tangible ROI as a result of the Digital Labor their Sailebots deliver. The ability to track pipeline growth, savings on manual tasks executed by Sailebot, and value of new prospect data unfolds dynamically around the clock. The expanded functionality provides access to which tasks Sailebots are completing and the impact to measurable cost savings.

"By leveraging Sailebot capabilities, enterprises can dramatically reduce ramp time for new [account executives], enabling them to become revenue-positive much faster," said Nick Smith, CEO and founder of Sailes, in a statement. "This strategic deployment of Sailebots for every AE shortens ramp time and significantly enhances productivity, creating a compelling ROI story from the first deployment."

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