• June 27, 2024

CallTrackingMetrics Unveils Number Pools

CallTrackingMetrics, a conversation analytics company, today launched Number Pools, allowing companies to automate the purchasing and configuring of tracking phone numbers for marketing campaigns.

With Number Pools, users can buy, set up, and start tracking call data with just a few clicks using a setup wizard. Once users enter their daily visitor counts, the system calculates and provides the necessary numbers, along with a tracking code that automatically inserts unique numbers for each visitor.

"Number Pools represent a quantum leap in campaign agility for our customers," said Todd Fisher, CEO of CallTrackingMetrics, in a statement. "By eliminating the tedious manual processes of purchasing and configuring tracking numbers one by one, we've enabled blazing-fast campaign spin-ups. Marketers can now launch data-driven campaigns at an unprecedented velocity, pivoting rapidly based on real-time analytics. This breakthrough capability accelerates time-to-value immensely."

CallTrackingMetrics also restructured its AskAI product lineup into two core offerings

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