• June 27, 2024

Fairchild Retail Media Network and Tutch Partner

tutch, providers of a digital in-store platform, is partnering with Fairchild RMN, a retail media network adtech company, using the Fairchild LOCLshop technology to drive customers into physical stores.

The retail experience created will begin with LOCLshop-powered texts incentivizing people to visit participating stores. Once inside, tutch's digital platform will continue customer experiences through self-service screens. The connected experience will enable customers to take advantage of personalized offers, discover new products, connect directly with brands, and access every product the retailer has available.

LOCLshop enhances customers' experiences at shopping centers and malls by pointing them toward relevant stores with deals that are specifically appealing to them. It does this through its proximity based media network, which powers hyper-targeted, location-based marketing offers and advertising based on purchase history and current location.

After receiving a notification that entices them into a store, customers will continue the experience on one of tutch's digital platforms, where they can take advantage of the offer they received. While using tutch, customers can access every product the store carries, showing relevant product recommendations and enabling customers to engage with branded media.

"Each of our technologies serves a valuable purpose, but together they create something even bigger: a connected experience that transcends channels and gives retailers far more control over what happens once customers walk past or through their doors," said Michael Weaver, CEO of Fairchild RMN, in a statement. "Together, we are creating a seamless journey for customers that starts outside of stores, unites them with products they care about in store, and then equips retailers to continue the relationship with them beyond."

"We believe that if retailers start thinking less about online and in-store channels as at odds, and instead focus on building a continuous relationship with customers no matter where they are, they'll see a lift overall over the long term," said Greg Jones, CEO of tutch, in a statement. "Partnering with LOCLShop, we can focus on interactions with customers directly before entering stores and once they come inside. From there, retailers will be equipped with insights they can use to continue the relationship with these customers beyond their current shopping trip."

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