• June 26, 2024

Pipeliner CRM Launches Voyager AI Gen II

Pipeliner CRM has launched Voyager AI Gen II with new features such as Voyager Summary, Voyager Sentiment, Voyager Recommend, Voyager Score, and Voyager Key Account Assistant.

Gen II will include the following new features:

  • Voyager Summary, so sales professionals, managers, support, customer success, and other team members can review and summarize customer/prospective customer interactions.
  • Voyager Sentiment, to analyze and interpret the emotions or sentiments expressed in customer interactions and communications.
  • Voyager Recommend, which leverages AI to collect Pipeliner CRM customer data, such as purchase history, customer interactions, support tickets, and behavioral data, to better identify product/service upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Voyager Score, to analyze large volumes of data on lead behavior, engagement, and demographics to prioritize prospects most likely to result in sales. The leads scores will update dynamically whenever new or relevant data is added.
  • Voyager Key Account Assistant, to monitor individual accounts to track news, announcements, departures, social media, and other relevant sources of information.

"Pipeliner is the only CRM built specifically for sales and will continue to lead the market in leveraging AI to help sales teams," said Nikolaus Kimla, Pipeliner's CEO, in a statement. "The latest trends in AI can be overwhelming, however, we focus on the applicability, utility, and direct impact these capabilities provide to users. Our mission is to deliver the best AI-enabled sales CRM possible, we carefully assess how any new capabilities will improve or enhance the day-to-day experience for sales professionals, and the same goes for the new features we're rolling out in Voyager AI Gen II."

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