• June 24, 2024

Mavenoid Adds Generative Answers and Vision Assist

Mavenoid, a provider of product support platforms, today launched Generative Answers and Vision Assist, two artificial intelligence solutions for automated customer support.

Mavenoid's proprietary AI is trained to understand the complexities of product and device support. It understands customer intent, parses documentation, and then produces a tailored support experience. Customers also use Mavenoid for pre-sale and post-sale help, like finding the right product and registering warranties.

Generative Answers allows customers to immediately start troubleshooting. After typing their questions into the search bar, Mavenoid's AI instantly scans companies' product knowledge and shares only the most relevant information. For more complex troubleshooting, companies can use both Generative Answers and step-by-step guides written by humans.

Mavenoid Vision Assist allows users to pre-fill product information by scanning their products' labels with their phones.

"AI has been at the heart of the Mavenoid platform since day one, and today's announcement is a big step forward as we deploy the latest in AI technology for advanced product support," said Gintas Miliauskas, CEO and co-founder of Mavenoid, in a statement. "Generative Answers and Vision Assist are now part of our platform to give product and device companies the ability to offer intuitive virtual support that solves customer support frustrations. Product companies that work with Mavenoid see firsthand how AI is transforming customer support, and our latest AI enhancements reflect our continued investment in applying the latest technology to product support."

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